What’s a Street Team?

A Street Team is a group of fans who work together to get news out about their favourite artists. With millions of books out in the world, the best way for people to hear about a book series is through word of mouth – and that’s where you come in.

‘Veritas’ means truth in Latin (which is why our very own protagonist Saskia is a Verity Witch) and of course Knight is author Caedis Knight’s last name – which is why we created this special club. A group of book lovers whose quest is to spread the truth and help the Blood Web Chronicles reach all corners of the world.


What do you need to do?

Being part of this exclusive team means being the first to hear our news! And in exchange all we ask is that our team spread the word online and in person. That’s it. Just think of us any time you have the chance to shout about a book!

  • Tell your friends and family
  • Buy the books in the first week of release to help with sales
  • Review the blogs as quickly as you can
  • Recommend the books to your local library and indie bookshops
  • Write blogs, reviews and articles about the books where possible
  • Share news on social media platforms
  • Talk about the series in book groups and on online book forums
  • Recommend events to us / share promo ideas
  • Where possible distribute postcards and information at events/bookstores (with permission)
  • Join in with any online events/ chats we host

In general be our cheerleaders and contribute to the success of the series.



What do you get out of it?

We love our readers. This series wouldn’t exist without you! So we take this group very seriously…

In exchange for all your hard work and support, you will be part of a private FB group where you have access to the Caedis Knight writing duo (Jacqueline Silvester and N J Simmonds). You can ask us questions, point out any concerns you have, and help us shape the series. You will also have exclusive opportunities to win prizes such as signed books, merchandise and online meet and greets. Plus with every book release we will be picking ten lucky people to beta read for us, so you will get your hands on our books months before release!

We also plan to start a mentor scheme, where every year one person gets the opportunity to be mentored by the Caedis Knight writing duo on writing, self-promotion and breaking into the indie romance world.

To be part of this exciting opportunity simply fill in this form and we will send you a starter pack and your first gift!

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